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Circular knitting machines

  • New addition design based on safety regulation.

  • Competitive price and technical back up.

  • Long life with excellent quality.

  • Steady high speed running.

  • Prospective agents  wanted.

Structure System


Adopts high precision, integrated casting, and soaked in oil-bath to enhance machine's stability and durability during high speed operation, thereby boosting knitting productivity.

Machine Platform:

Stands integrate well into the bottom base  to ensure stability and shock resistance during high speed operation, thus safeguarding knitting quality.

Fabric Take-Up System:

Adopts mechanical system with multi-step, depending on the fabric requirement, two types of system for choice (rolling/folding type or  cutting type).

Top Gears of Double Jersey Machine:

Soaked in oil-bath to reduce friction, noise, and better lubrication. Enhances machine's longevity.

Knitting System

knitting Cylinder:

Solid alloy steel hardness, and double abrasiveness to guarantee stable  sinking action during high speed operation, can withstand wear and safeguard knitting quality.

Knitting Needles:

Adopts GROZ BECKERT knitting needles.


Adopts high frequency treated sinkers designed by us. Reduces wear and boosts durability.

Sinker Plate:

Computerized slitting to enhance precision.

Cam Holder:

Adopts high precision material, and computerized production processing to prevent deformity and impact on precision.


Adopts imported steel material to guarantee stability, precision hardness, and integrated forming, thus preventing wear of knitting needles at  high speeds.

Yarn Feeding System:

Finished by computerized groove dividing processing for easy operation and adjustments. The yarn  carrier adopts high precision  casting, and each feeding nozzle is made using high temperature ceramic forming to ensure that all types of fabrics will not be broken.

Electric & Control System

Main Motor:

Power depending on size and specification for better economy. Transmission adopts specialized steel bearings for oil and high temperature resistance.


Resistance to oil and high temperature 8M teeth belt. Guarantees stable operation and stability during high R.P.M.

Electrical Control Box and Inverter:

Applies close-in type protection with "Danger" warning sticker to safeguard operator's safety.

Control Panel:

Twin control panels Digital type and LCD touch screen type to suit customer's operation needs.

Production Lighting:

Provides adequate and easily replaceable lighting equipment to facilitate the supervision of fabric production quality.

Safe Gate:

Adopts computerized punching forming, and auto stop function to protect operator's safety.

Lubrication and Dusting System

Oil Lubricator:

Adopts blowing type lubricator and pulse type lubricator, two types of systems are available according to customer's requirement.

Mid-section Dusting Cleaner:

Single Jersey Knitting Machine applies blowing type and jetting attachment to resolve blockage and jamming problems, thus meet dusting capability and fabric quality.

Monitoring Equipment

Central  Stitch Control:

Applies simultaneous single type stitch adjustment, easy to operate,  save time and smooth stitch.

Electronic Monitoring  for Knitting Length:

Combined 8-section knitting test function and the data on control panel to control  each knitting length during the production process. Prevents lose and inadequate weight of fabric.

Models & Specifications of our Circular Knitting Machines